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If you like music, there's a place and activity for you within the RHS Band Program.  Want to see what the RHS Band Program is like first hand?  Check out some of these upcoming events​...

7/8 Grade Marching Band Night - Friday, September 29, 2023

Come join the RHS Marching Band for a night of fun, music, football, and food! 7 & 8 Grade students will get a behind-the-scenes look at the RHSMB. The evening includes rehearsing and performing with the RHSMB, and a free pizza dinner. All students who attend will receive a FREE 'Ridgewood Band' shirt! Don't miss out on this opportunity as you join the spirit and excitement of the RHS Marching Band.

RSVP by clicking HERE (will be available again in Sept. 2024!).

RHSMB 7/8 Grade Marching Band Night 2022


8th Grade Band Day - Friday, October 20, 2023

Come spend a morning at RHS and see what makes us the best band in the land!  Play with the renowned RHS Wind Ensemble, participate in an interactive demonstration with the Marching Band, learn all about our many curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and meet our great students over lunch.

Watch a highlight video from 8th Grade Band Day 2022 below!

8th Grade Music Department Info Night - Wednesday, January 24, 2024
RHS Room 152 (Choir/Orchestra Room)
7:30 PM

This meeting is designed to introduce eighth graders and their parents to the many curricular and co- curricular options available for student musicians at Ridgewood High School.

  • Meet the teachers of the RHS Music Program

  • Meet current students from the RHS Band, Choir and Orchestra Programs

  • Learn about our curricular and co-curricular performing groups and their schedules

  • Learn how our students balance music involvement with a rigorous academic course load

  • Learn how our students balance music involvement with athletics and other activities

  • Learn how our students fulfill the financial literacy course requirement

  • Learn how music involvement can benefit your child’s overall education

  • Learn how music involvement can enhance a college application

  • Learn about educational travel opportunities through music, both in and out of school

  • Learn about college destinations of our graduates

  • Learn how RHS Music compares with area private, parochial and academy programs

Special guest: Jeffrey Nyhuis, RHS Principal

Click HERE for an official invitation and information.

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