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RHS Band Citrus & Fresh Fruit Sale 
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Since 1977 (now in it's 46th year!), the band offers citrus and mixed fruit packages for sale each January/February. The sale begins with the students participating in a door-to-door campaign (blitz day). On the designated blitz day, each four-student team with one parent driver is assigned a specific area of Ridgewood. The team canvases all of the houses in their assigned area and takes orders for the fruit, leaving mail order forms on the doorknob if nobody answers. The sale continues with the processing of mail orders and online orders over the following week. On the designated delivery day, students gather to distribute the fruit to homes where they were purchased.


Citrus Post-Blitz Order Form

Citrus Mail Order Form

Citrus Sale Co-Chairs:  Laura Waisnor & Laura Lutz

Important Dates for the 2024 Citrus Sale

Sunday, January 21:        BLITZ DAY, 12 Noon - 5PM

                                           Meet in the RHS Campus Center

Saturday, March 2:           DELIVERY DAY, 10AM - 1PM

                                           Pick up fruit at Ben Franklin Middle School

ORDER DEADLINE: Friday, February 9


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