The Band Council is the student-run organization that makes executive decisions and serves as an advisory committee concerning all the aspects of the band program.  The Council supplements the band program through its activities such as this web site, and also maintains a constant communication with newspapers, parents, alumni and other adults concerning the Ridgewood High School Band Program. There are four officers on the Council elected by secret ballot each April.

Band Council meetings are once a week--usually Monday--during Unit Lunch, and are open to all band students.


The President serves as administrator of the Band Council.  It is his/her responsibility to facilitate Council meetings.  The President also plans numerous band-related activities.  The President serves as the student representative to the RHS Band Association, reporting at its monthly meetings.  The 2019-2020 President is Kieran Corcoran.

Vice President

The Vice President serves as President in the event the President is not in attendance. He/She chairs committees as formed by the Council and performs duties as assigned by the President and the rest of the Council.  The Vice President is also responsible for maintaining student aspects of this website. The 2019-2020 Vice President is Simran Shah.


The Treasurer is placed in charge of the Council's bank account.  He/She manages expenses and income for the Council.  It is his/her responsibility to report on the financial status of the Council at meetings and to coordinate certain activities with the Band Association treasurer.  The 2019-2020 Treasurer is Emma Matthews.


The most important responsibility of the Secretary is to write and send press releases on behalf of the Band Program. Since the purchase of the whiteboard, the secretary has been in charge of keeping it updated. Other duties include writing condolence cards when necessary, updating the website, and any other jobs assigned during Band Council meetings. The 2019-2020 Secretary is Rob Gasaway.


The Librarian is placed in charge of organizing the Band Library, keeping track of music when not in use, and keeping an inventory of the music owned by the Band Program. The 2019-2020 Librarian is Ilana Whittaker.


The Historian has a subscription to the Ridgewood News and organizes Band related articles. The Historian is also part of the RHS Bands Alumni Facebook group and is responsible for planning all Alumni events. The Historian also keeps photos on the Band website updated from multiple years. The 2019-2020 Historian is also Ilana Whittaker.

The Marching Band student leadership team also sits on the Band Council.  This includes the Drum Major, Field Captain, and Color Guard Captains.  In addition, any band class or ensemble which is not directly represented on the Band Council by an elected officer may elect a voting representative to the Council.

Drum Major: Luca Travalja

Field Captain: Jenson Kwong

Color Guard Captains: Reagan Donnelly, Jenna Farfalla, and Megyn Kukulka

Band class representatives:  Seunjun Bae, Harry Linker, and Jeremey Nuzzolo


P: (201) 670-2800 ext. 20639 - 20744

RHS Band Association, Inc.

627 East Ridgewood Ave.

Ridgewood, NJ 07451

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